RedArc Recovery Plan

Extra Support When You Need It With RedArc

As a Medical Recovery Insurance policyholder, should you need an operation you will have access to free and confidential support from a Personal Nurse Adviser provided by RedArc.

How RedArc can help

Mainstream services such as the NHS focus on the treatment of the patient. RedArc provides additional help – a friendly listening ear, practical information and much needed emotional support. When you are discharged from hospital, it can be a worrying time. This is the time when you need access to someone who understands your condition, has the time to listen and help address your concerns. 

At the heart of the RedArc service is your Personal Nurse Adviser – a highly experienced registered nurse who will help you to make as speedy a recovery as possible and ensure good long-term management of your condition. The same Personal Nurse Adviser is available by telephone on an unlimited, ongoing basis and the ways they can help are many and varied,

Here are a few examples:

►Easily accessible practical guidance on your health condition

►Information on mainstream services and ensuring that you get all that you are entitled to

►Ensuring you are integrated back into NHS services following private treatment

►Support to avoid you feeling “abandoned” when a period of regular treatment ends

►Recover Plan – developed with you to help to stay on track

“Couldn't have got through the months following my operation without your support, guidance and advice. Thank you.”

With over 15 years’ experience, RedArc has earned a reputation for service excellence, supporting thousands of people through serious illness, chronic health conditions and disabilities.