Cover for Employees

Sick Pay Insurance For Employees

Many employees today are concerned about loss of income if they are off work through illness. The most significant time off work will be due to a medical operation or procedure, and unless your employer provides sick pay, this will be covered only by statutory sick pay. Even if your employer offers a sick-pay scheme, recovering from an operation can have its costs.


MyRecoveryCheque is an insurance policy that provides you and your family with a cash injection just when you might need it most. Should you need an operation or a medical procedure that requires a period of recuperation to get you back on your feet, it is likely that you will encounter all sorts of additional expenses that, in the normal course of family life, are almost impossible to budget for.


You might suffer from:

Additional expenses

Travel & parking pre and post treatment, especially if you need specialised treatment not catered for in your local health area

Increased childcare costs or home help

Prolonged drug treatment

Additional physiotherapy not covered by state or private insurance

MyRecoveryCheque doesn’t dictate how you spend your money, you might decide that a well-earned family holiday is the best way to recuperate – with MyRecoveryCheque you decide how best to use your benefit

Who Can Apply for Medical Recovery Insurance?

You can apply for a policy if you are between the ages of 18 and 65 and are resident in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands for more than 180 days a year.

You can cover just yourself or include your partner. To give you extra peace of mind, your children under the age of 18 can also be included once they are 1 year old and the policy benefits can be used to help meet your costs should they require treatment covered by this plan.

You can select one of four levels of cover to suit your pocket, the higher the level that you choose the more you will receive.